Guangzhou Jubilant Performance Materials Ltd.

Our Advantages

Our Advantages


Professional R&D Team
We have an effective problem solving team. Our expert team of scientists and professions totals has over 50 years of organosilicone R&D experience.
We provide a stable supply of high-quality
products by introducing the advanced
analytical and production equipment.
Meanwhile, we strictly enforce ISO9001
management system.
Excellent Quality Control
With the spirit of “Contribution to a better  
world”, we aim to provide our customers
ecofriendly, sustainable and superior quality products with fair price and prompt delivery.
Fair Price & Prompt Delivery
About Us

Guangzhou Jubilant Performance Materials Ltd. is an innovative company of fluorosilicone materials, which are widely used in the fields of cosmetic, new energy, automobile, high speed rail and pharmaceutical excipients. Our factory, established in 2008, is a high-tech enterprise in China, specializing in the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of silicon-based materials.

Our expert team of scientists and professions totals has over 50 years of organosilicone discovery and development experience. The R&D team consists of experienced masters and bachelor chemists......





After a year eagerly awaiting the return of the region’s leading cosmetics and personal care event.


The industry-acclaimed PCHi Fountain Awards will be returning to the show again next year!


Silicones have unique properties amongst polymers


Silicones have become enormously popular in recent years.

Leading fluorosilicone materials supplier

Whether you seek innovative solutions or greater cost efficiency, Jubilant can help.

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